Unclaimed Funds Retrieval LLC specialize in Deception

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A bit of research revealed the following: Unclaimed Funds Retrieval LLC, 1425 W Pioneer Dr # 246, Irving, TX 75062 was formed by Johel Amilcar Contreras in 2008.Some digging gave me a bit more information.

It seems that this person emigrated from El Salvador about 13 years ago and worked as a telemarketer for several years before starting this scam of a company. So much for his years of experience in locating unclaimed funds! I also found out that they are known to be deceptive in their dealings and have many complaints against them for their practices. My best advice is to ignore anything you might get from these people because it will save you time and grief!!!

They are evasive and are not to be trusted. You would figure they being your own kind, Latinos and hispanic, these morons want to take advantage of all the are willing to get screwed.

Do your family and friends a favor to report these illegal a holes on their wrong doing.

Review about: Scam Artist And Suppose Assets Located.



Nope, not a lier.....I have been waiting for my refund for a year and they are very evasive.

They never answer their phone nor do they call you back... EVER.

I am about to file a report on this company and hopefully I can set them straight.HORRIBLE COMPANY.


Whoever posted this review is a lier.He's just trying to make UFR look bad because He's actually part (of the competition) another company that does the same thing.

UFR did a claim for me of a $627.56 refund and I got it within the time UFR stimated for me.

I'm actually glad I called UFR to help me get my refund!!

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